WHAT IS BEAN PIE, Background and its Flavor


In limited, a bean pie is a custard kind of pie that is manufactured from legumes. Beans are the chosen choice, more exclusively navy beans which are named haricot beans in the United kingdom.

The beans are mashed or pureed along with eggs, evaporated milk, butter and spices. shaba’s bean pies that are employed vary from man or woman to man or woman.

Vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon are the most well-liked spices but insert ins incorporate cloves, ginger and some people like to add lemon extract/juice to their bean pie.

The mixture is baked in a entire wheat crust until finally a brown crust is formed on the top layer underneath the yellow-ish custard.

THE Background OF THE PIE

Although I will not go into the entire background of the pie, I will emphasize the most critical bits of data.

As I pointed out earlier mentioned, bean pies are linked with black muslims and the Black Electrical power Movement, far more specificially the Country of Islam which was launched in the nineteen thirties.

Lana Shabazz is said to be the creator of the pie. The whole concept powering the bean pie was to serve as an option to sweet potato pie (soul foods).

Sweet potato pie is deemed soul foodstuff which was frowned upon for its slavery roots, it was noticed as an oppressive variety of foods.

The thought was for folks to reliquish by themselves from foodstuff/substances that were linked with slavery that could effect their wellness.

Navy beans ended up deemed a very good crop and its intake was encouraged along with a low sugar diet regime and non processed food items.

The bean pie is the northern states (feel Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Illinois) equvalent of the southern pumpkin, sweet potato and pecan pie.

These days, its regular to see a bean pie sitting right next to a sweet potato pie.

Of training course, there are even now individuals who hold on to their possess beliefs and will shun southern pies, but I think there is area for all versions of pie.


In my viewpoint the pie preferences extremely considerably like custard due to the fact it is silky easy like custard with a crunchy crust on best.

There genuinely isn’t really a lot big difference in the flavor of this pie compared to other pies which are created really comparable.

The only distinction is beans are currently being employed in area of root vegetables.


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