What Are Sausage Casings Manufactured Of? 4 Distinct Varieties


A great deal of folks question about what goes into their sausage even though other folks are much more curious about what the sausage is in fact place into.

There is a good deal of confusion about sausage casing s since there are so many various varieties and styles. For instance, the variety of casings used for very hot canines, bratwurst and summer sausage are totally diverse from every other.

So, what are sausage casings created from? There are four major kinds of casings and they are:

Normal casings created from animal intestines
Collagen casings created from beef collagen
Fibrous casings manufactured from coloured filament paper
Cellulose casings produced from viscose

Organic Casings

The most well-liked casings for sausages are produced from the cleaned intestines of animals, most notably, pigs, sheep and cows. These are named “natural casings” and the most ubiquitous is the 32-34 mm hog casing.

Fibrous Casings

Fibrous casings had been invented in the 1930’s and are manufactured from coated filament paper. These casings are often non-edible and appear in obvious or mahogany shades.

These casings are more substantial diameter and usually utilised as a substitution for all-natural beef casings. A main advantage of fibrous casings is that they are really robust which lets you truly pack the sausage in tight without worrying about blow outs.

Cellulose Casings

Cellulose is a plant primarily based inedible polysaccharide and is the most abundant polymer on earth. Cellulose casings are straightforward to remove and are developed for huge scale and automatic production.

The most frequent use of cellulose casings is in the production of skinless very hot puppies. Listed here is a fantastic video exhibiting how hot canines are manufactured utilizing cellulose casings and large pace automation.

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