The Golden Rules Of Hair Color


Hair coloring is a rather challenging procedure, and it is better to delegate it to the knowledgeable hands of an elegance master.

But if you require to do coloring yourself in your home– as an example, to tint the regrown hair roots– attempt to take into account a number of essential guidelines.

1. Paints with ammonia– not for gray hair. Aggressive hair dyes are made use of to achieve a complicated color as well as visually include quantity to the hair. With constant usage, they trigger hair to lose its all-natural pigment faster. If you simply require to paint over gray hair or totally change the shade of your hair by dyeing it in 1 tone, find ideal paint without ammonia.

2. Hair should be moderately tidy. Do not clean them right before discoloration. However it is likewise not essential to apply paint to filthy hair with the remains of styling products. Ideally, if you cleaned your hair the day in the past and also did not utilize afterwards conditioner-conditioner, hair spray, mousse, or gel.

3. Recipes for paint dilution should be ceramic, plastic, or glass. Wood will certainly be painted. Iron is bad not just due to the fact that it influences the quality as well as buildings of the color. The substances that form when the paint reacts with the steel are dangerous to the hair itself.

4. Take into consideration the temperature level. Bear in mind how we typically place a hand on our forehead to inspect how hot it is? Along the entire border line of hair growth, body temperature is greater than at the rear of the head. Where it is warmer, the chain reaction during discoloration is much faster. So the hair on the top of the head will dye much more slowly than the forehead.

5. Guidelines for applying paint: divide the hair into 4 sectors. To do this, attract 2 vertical partings with the crown. Repaint initially along the parting. Then to the back of the head. The limit line of hair growth (behind the ears, over the forehead, holy places, neck) is painted last.


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