Structural Health Monitoring of Monuments using Computer-Vision? Fact or Fiction?


Yes, it is a fact now. The ever-growing computer-vision has left a mark and has opened a new research field in damage assessment of historic constructions. The tasks which were possible only by human eyes are now possible with the help of computer-vision-based techniques. The inspectors can now come with their drones and mobile cameras and do the assessment much quickly. Dr. Mayank Mishra, from Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar has suggested the application of machine leaning in structural health monitoring of cultural heritage buildings in his recent review article published in Journal of Cultural heritage (Elsevier). The article can be downloaded using the link

Structural Health Monitoring

His ideas are, why leave monuments to disintegrate? Let’s use modern computer-vision techniques to restore them. We will preserve our past only when we can repair our monuments. If the monuments are left to disintegrate, then our core beliefs and values will do fall apart.

No matter why you are here, anyone who works in machine learning can benefit from the excellent advice on structural health monitoring using computer-vision in the following review article. Many of the inspection tasks for building assessment that look impossible in using traditional tools are in fact quicker applying modern machine learning techniques. This will help eliminate stressful and last minute situations which can increase the repair cost of the monument. In order to manage your inspection time more wisely, prioritize your building inspection tasks and inspect building that is more damaged first and with less damage in the end.

As you can see from the aforementioned article on Computer-vision, managing one’s time is very easy once you follow modern inspection methods. Inspection professionals now can see no reason to feel stressed any more. Always search for best research papers about heritage inspection, so you can keep improving your assessment, and making timely repairs.


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