Gray’s anatomy book for students


Gray’s Anatomy is an English book on anatomy originally written by Henry Gray and illustrated by Henry Wendy Curt. Earlier editions were called Anatomy. Gray’s Descriptive and Surgical Anatomy is completely anatomical and applied, but the name of the book has been shortened and subsequent editions have been published under the title Gray’s Anatomy.

Some consider this book to be the highest source of human anatomy. Also, a copy of it has been written for students of medical fields and other related fields.

The best translation of Gray’s Anatomy

Gray’s anatomy book for students, because it is one of the basic topics in the field of medicine, many translations have been provided for it. The large number of translations of this book in the market has made it difficult for medical students and other related fields to choose and buy the best anatomy translation. Because these translations are mostly written by prominent professors in the field of medical sciences and each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Maybe you have also wondered how many volumes are there in Gray’s Anatomy book? gray’s anatomy for students of Anatomy of the original language is published in a single volume, but the Persian translation of this book is published in three volumes (and sometimes 4 volumes) separately. In the following, we will introduce the Persian translations of Gray’s Anatomy book, stay with us.

Gray’s Anatomy Volume 1 Anatomy of the trunk

In the first chapter of Gray’s trunk anatomy, various body systems including the skeletal system, cartilage, joints, skin, lymphatic systems, nerves and other body systems are examined. Then we come to the anatomy of the back and its details. In the following, local anatomy such as bone molds, joints, robots and muscular structure of the back as well as the spinal cord and spinal nerves are examined. In the following, the surface anatomy of the back, chest anatomy, abdominal anatomy, and pelvis

Dr. Hassanzadeh’s Anatomy book

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